Types of Termites and How to Prevent them

Termites are social insects of the members of the Assoptera which are widely known as pests and can be detrimental to human life. Termites nest in the ground and eat wood, furniture or skeletons of houses made of wood which cause a lot of losses economically. There are three types of termites, namely:

Dry Wood Termites

Found in dry wood, usually in the timber structure of the building. This type of termite is not too dependent on water sources and does not need to look for food in the soil.

Moist Wood Termites

Eating rotting wood, such as wood from fallen trees. Subterranean termites (the most common type and the most serious threat). The most common type found in this area. These termites nest in soil with low humidity.

Land Termites

These types of termites are social insects and enjoy grouping and forming large numbers of colonies. They generally live below the surface of the soil and damage the structure of buildings without being detected through hidden roads that are barely visible on the foundation of walls or floors.

Because the presence of termites can be very disturbing, there are times when you prevent the presence of termites in your home. Because prevention will be far more beneficial than eradicating termites after he destroys our home.

That’s how to prevent it

· Choose Wood correctly
The choice of wood to be used as frames or other furniture is the first step to prevent termites. There are two types of wood that I strongly recommend to be used to decorate the interior of our homes, namely Teak wood and Merbau wood. These two woods are very unpopular with termites. Teak wood is not liked by termites because its hard nature makes it difficult to eat termites. While merbau wood emits a distinctive odor that is not liked by termites, especially merbau wood also contains substances that are toxic to fungi and termites.

· Avoid moisture
A damp place is a favorite place for termites to breed. Therefore, try not to have a leak in your house, if only there were leaks in the tile or drains, hurry up and patch it, do not leave it too long.

· Give distance between furniture or wood furniture and floor
As mentioned earlier that termites breed for the first time in the basement of our house, because that is as much as possible to provide distance between items made from wood and the floor. This includes warehouses, I often find that my warehouse was the first target of termites, because I rarely saw my warehouse. While there were lots of papers and books in my warehouse. Remember paper, books, cardboard, actually the basic material is wood. What I did myself was coating my warehouse floor with plastic, before putting boxes containing books and other items.

· Recognize the signs of termite attacks
It is very important to recognize termite attacks, and as soon as possible handle before termites succeed in destroying our wooden furniture. Signs of termite attacks can be wood chips and holes everywhere, there are small clumps of mud like sticking to wood. In addition to these two things, another symptom that shows termite attacks is the appearance of larons. It should be noted that the moth is an adult termite that comes out when it wants to mate.

· Termite Injection
Anti-termite injection needs to be done to prevent the development of termites. As a preventive measure, usually an injection is done before the house is established, injection is done by injecting termite into the soil so that termites have no place to grow under our house. Usually this termite injection lasts up to 5 years.

After you know the type of termites and how to prevent them above, hopefully it can be useful for you. You can also spread this information to friends and relatives, so that they can also anticipate the losses that termites can cause.

Types of Grass Home Yard

Having a beautiful yard is certainly the dream of every homeowner. With that usually the homeowner makes a garden or garden in the front yard or back of the house. The arrangement and design of a good garden will make the home page cool and beautiful in the eye.

Talking about the garden and gardens is not separated from the grass, because the grass is a stretch that is the location of each part of the garden. Besides appearing beautiful and natural, choosing the right type of lawn for the home will add to the beauty of the garden or the yard itself. Of course you also need to care for the grass so that the garden also looks beautiful and well-maintained. There are several types of grass for home yards that you can use.

Elephant Grass
Elephant grass is the most widely used type of grass. Moreover, he was fairly fast growing when he touched the ground. The more affordable price makes it a lot of people buy. Those who choose elephant grass as ground cover must be prepared for extra care. Because of its high speed, every month elephant grass needs to be pruned.

Elephant Mini Grass
Since the 2000s, mini elephant grass began to be known to the public. Initially, mini elephant grass was developed in Bandung, West Java. Its characteristics are more ‘stubborn’ than its predecessor the usual elephant grass to make mini elephants quickly win the hearts of the people. Unlike ordinary elephant grass, mini elephant grass will grow well in the shade. Even in the area around the bottom of the tree.

Japanese grass
The thin leaves grow tightly together. If not trimmed once a month, the bottom will be yellowish. This is because, when it is too thick, the sun does not reach the bottom, and then yellow. Japanese grass needs more urea than mini elephant grass. In one month, it requires at least twice fertilization.

Peking grass
Before 2000, Peking grass had become an idol. His stature is not much different from Japanese grass but less leaves.

Golf Grass
This one is rarely applied to homes. Unless you are willing to allocate sufficient funds to buy the installation technology. Because, golf grass quickly damaged if flooded. Golf grass requires good absorption in the form of piles of fibers, sand, rocks, and pipes to drain water under the planting surface. The golf lawn really requires extra care. Therefore, you need the services of a landscape architecture consultant.

Now that you know the type of grass for the home garden, which is usually applied to your garden. Now you can determine for yourself, which type of grass will be suitable to add to the beauty of your yard or garden.