Modern Minimalist 2-Storey House Design

Houses are a primary human need. Every people certainly want a comfortable and well-maintained home.

Confortable home doesn’t has to be a big and luxury, because a simple house with a simple touch caould be a awesome home. Beside, we can transformed simple house into a beautiful home by cared for regularly, and that will be a dream home that anyone will definitely stay at.

A house that has two floors is one of the alternative housing that is quite feasible for large families with family members of more than 4 people.

But if the land owned to build a house is not as large, it is necessary to watch the building so that it can still comfortably accommodate the large family.

One of them is to build a minimalist two-story house. That not easy to be able to get a suitable dream house according to your taste, you need a minimalist 2-storey house design that is really right too.

Well, here are some simple and modern 2-storey minimalist home designs that can be a recommendation for you :