Wood Material for Homes

In the discussion this time Lamudi will give you knowledge about the good wood materials to build a house. Apart from cement, sand, stone, glass, ceramics, etc., wood materials also play an important role in the construction of houses. For example, such as to be used as casos, frames, window bars, glass windows, doors, etc. Nowadays there are so many good and quality kinds of wood to be used as building material, especially Indonesia is known as a fertile country and rich in natural resources, of course it is not too difficult to get this one material.

First we will get to know the types of wood commonly used for these buildings, actually there are so many types of wood for furniture or types of wood that are of high quality for building materials, but which will be discussed only a few, of the many more than hundreds of types wood in Indonesia.

  1. KAMPER Wood : This wood comes from the tropics, most of these camphor trees we can find in the area of ​​kantanantan (samarinda), this wood has a distinctive aroma like the aroma of camphor which is called camphor wood. The strengths are strong from termites but their weight is lighter than iron wood or teak. This wood has been in Indonesia for a long time as an alternative material for modern, classy building materials, because the price is relatively affordable, besides camphor has fine and beautiful wood fiber so it is often an option to make materials for making doors and windows in standard sizes However, the disadvantage of this type of wood when made into high-class size doors or windows in large size, width or length exceeding the standard size is not recommended, because this wood tends to change its shape to expand when used for a long time.
  2. MERBAU Wood: This wood usually grows in areas of tropical rainforest. Merbau trees flourish in Indonesia. But most of these trees flourish in the area of ​​Papua (Irian). For the texture of this wood is quite hard, it also has a broken and stable fiber line. If it is used as an alternative for comparison with teak wood, merbau wood is the choice. This wood is very suitable to be used as a buffer or roof of a house. There are so many advantages of wood that it is reasonable if the price is quite expensive, because the quality also cannot be seen in one eye, the weakness of this wood is almost completely no weakness. Only a small portion of wood decay occurs usually on the outer skin only
  3. KELAPA wood: for this type of wood it seems that it is no longer familiar to discuss, because this tree is easy to grow anywhere in this country. Most of us often encounter it on the coast. Coconut wood itself belongs to the category of palm species and the texture is also quite hard because this wood has straight fiber, is not branched, and is easily made into beams, usually this wood is widely used for supporting roof poles. And the quality is also quite good with the record of choosing the age of coconut trees that have been more than 60 years or more, if the age of the trees is still young it is not recommended to make building materials, because it will be easy to eat termites and other insects. Which will cause brittle fast.
  4. TEAK wood: this type of wood thrives in dry and calcareous areas in Indonesia, especially on the islands of Central Java and East Java. This wood is often regarded as wood with fiber and the hardest and most beautiful texture. Its characteristics are stable, strong and durable making this wood the first choice as building material. Teak wood is also proven to be resistant to fungi, termites and other insects because of the oil content in the wood itself. This wood includes wood that is used most for building houses. Because the quality is undoubtedly not even has a weakness if used long-term, therefore it is very reasonable if the price rises.
  5. MERANTI MERAH wood: Red meranti is classified as light to medium weight hardwood. The specific gravity ranges from 0.3 to 0.86 at a water content of 15%. The porch wood is pale pink, brownish pink, to deep red or even brownish red. Based on the type, this wood is divided into two. Namely, meranti is pink and meranti is dark red. The difference between the two is that the heavy weight of the red meranti tends to be heavier than the pink meranti, it is quite easy to distinguish it? But it is clear in terms of quality to be made of building materials both are quite good. But according to the strength of durability is quite long as long as it is not directly in contact with the ground, because this type of wood is very sensitive to the influence of the weather, so it is not recommended to use wood materials such as me

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