Tips on How to Make a Minimalist Fish Pond

Aside from being an additional element to beautify your minimalist home design, fish ponds can also provide calm, natural nuances in your home. Fish ponds can be a complement to the park in front of the house, side, back of the house or inside the house. Depends on your needs and tastes.

Then how to make a minimalist fish pond that you can use as a relaxation in your minimalist home. Check out the following tips:

Minimalist fish pond design.
Many varieties of fish pond designs that fit your minimalist home design. For example, you can choose a fish pond with a square shape. To further strengthen the minimalist impression that already exists at home, use the pool accessories as needed. In order to look like there is harmony with the design of the house both exterior and interior, if your house carries a minimalist concept.

The size of the swimming pool must match the space available at home, adjust also the location that will be used to make fish ponds. Is it in the front, side, or backyard garden. Because with the shape of a fish pond that is not ideal, it will actually make your home look messy concept.

For material, use natural stone type green stone, or dark andesite stone. Prioritize dark colors, then adjust the contrast around it. For example, the walls and plants around the pool area. Dark colors and the use of natural stones will enhance the appearance of your fish pond.

The thing that is not less important is the maintenance of the minimalist fish pond itself. Pay attention to the regulation of water circulation, as well as regular cleaning. In the concept of a minimalist fish pond, cleaning is usually quite easy, because there are not many carvings that allow dirt to settle

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