Tempo Doeloe Classic House

Even though it is very old-fashioned, however, the style of the architects of the classic house until now, is still relatively high in demand. Because the classic home of the old days is very unique in its naturalness. In the midst of the many trends of modern home models with minimalist nuances at the moment, the presence of old-style buildings has become something special in itself. Impressed more charming, beautiful in the eyes. It is precisely this old-fashioned house architectural style that is one of the references of architectural design for homes in the present.

In addition to the unique classic character of the old house, it can also be said to be a simple house that looks elegant and charming. In fact there are also those who deliberately build houses with the classic style of the past. Memories of the past or people’s interest in the architectural style of the past have been one of the reasons. Let’s explore more about this traditional house. Starting from the model and building art, this classic type usually tends more to its own characteristics and type of architectural design, which is not too much style just by relying on profile frames as a game of interior and exterior decoration.

Usually ancient houses have typical window shapes that are deliberately made large and uniform, in order to strengthen the characteristics of the building feel more. In addition, the height of the ceiling and the roof are also deliberately designed high enough to make it look clearer and more flexible when viewed not seem narrow. When viewed from the characteristics, the type of old school house used to apply a type of wall that is thicker than the house in the present. Understandably, our country is considered a former Dutch colonial colony, so it is not surprising if from the art of the building there are a few typical European styles tucked into the design of this building.

Not only from the characteristics of the building, by placing old school furniture is also a typical trigger of old school homes to be more pronounced, for example, looking for antique furniture, making large gardens and ponds made of clay, house paint colors that do not mix colors, until the application of other classic types of ornaments can be one part that can create the beauty of an antique-class home from the past, so that the nostalgic atmosphere is increasingly thick. indeed every classic thing even though it is even old school, still always beautiful to look at and the most important characteristic of the foremost is timeless, provided we can maintain and preserve it.

Although it is inevitable, it is necessary to beautify a house with classic-style furniture that requires quite a large amount of money and it is not easy to find rare antique furniture. But for a beauty and for the sake of preserving culture for you lovers of antique things, it will be sufficient. Not surprisingly, today there are still many people who like the old-fashioned design of doeleo, the reason for the overall details of indoor and outdoor homes requires extra things from the search for antiques to costs. But the uniqueness of the results is matchless, aka satisfied. Great right ??

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