Strengths and Weaknesses of Cement Brick

Whether or not a sturdy house is determined by building materials that are used, is it capable of long-lasting or otherwise. There are many choices of building materials commonly used to build a house, for example cement brick. Cement brick or brick making press on the market generally uses cement base mixed with coarse sandstone that is printed using a press machine. Brick materials have a lack of strength when compared to red bricks in terms of contents.

That is to say if there are no cavities in the red brick inside, but the brick is a cavity in it. So when applied in a building for example for brick walls tend to be less strong, because the cavity that is owned by brick. One more thing that is lacking in the use of concrete brick for walls is that the brick base is cement so that when the brick is made as a wall, it tends to be hotter or less able to absorb heat when the sun is blazing and make space with brick walls hot or hot.

Advantages of Cement Brick / Brick Making Press

  • The advantages of using brick materials, because of their flat and smooth shape, when installed (fastened) by a neat artisan, certainly do not need a wall for plaster, so there is a cost savings for plaster.
  • Using building materials with cement cement PC or brick press in the workmanship faster, because the shape of the material tends to be uniform, making it easy in the process of work.
  • Because the form of brick press is quite large when compared to red bricks, giving a plus value in the process is cheaper, when compared to red brick materials whose size tends to be smaller.
  • Cement brick material PC / brick making press is more likely to be waterproof, so when it is made into the wall there is no potential for water seepage or leakage.

Lack of Cement Brick / Brick Making Press

  • The advantages and disadvantages of cement brick or brick press, because the physical has a hole in the middle makes it easy to break or crack when installed. Indeed, on one side there is a cavity for air circulation, but in strength it will lose if compared to red bricks that are solid and intact.
  • Brick materials consist of PC cement, about 50% of the basic material consists of cement. When the brick press is made as a wall, this material is not good at absorbing heat. So that when the dry season or summer there is a tendency to feel hot in a room made of brick walls.

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